Nintendo reportedly delays 64GB Switch cartridges until 2019

The Nintendo Switch Has All Five Games You Need To Play This Week

The Wall Street Journal adds that some USA -based publishers may hold off on bringing certain games to Nintendo Switch because of this delay.

With its newest flagship console, Nintendo chose to bring back cartridges in place of disc-based games that ran on the previous three.

The Nintendo Switch Has All Five Games You Need To Play This Week
Nintendo reportedly delays 64GB Switch cartridges until 2019

This might seem small, but it could have a big impact on the Nintendo Switch console and its games lineup next year: Without higher-capacity cartridges, it's going to be harder for developers to bring their top-tier, graphically-intensive titles to the Switch. Nintendo chose cartridges because they're smaller, and less prone to errors if you shake them up when using the console in the portable mode. That's lower than the 50-gig Blu-ray discs that run on the other current consoles: Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

The largest Nintendo Switch game card now is 32 gigabytes. Perhaps that's why developers were excited to get their hands on the 64GB game cards.

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According to this report, Nintendo has delayed the delivery of the 64GB game cards to 2019 due to technical issues.

Now there have already been data storage issues with Nintendo Switch games. Switch users also have the alternative of downloading games over the internet. While this isn't a problem for Nintendo developed titles or indies, it is a significant problem for large third-parties bringing data-heavy games to the platform. If they can't bring their games over because of size constraints, it might slow down Nintendo's latest runaway success.

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